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How to Create Joint Invoices in BillQuick

Oct 15, 2014 | By Seth David | 0 Comments

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The first question is what is a joint invoice?

When you are managing multiple projects or phases for clients what you really have are separate projects tied into a single client, or separate phases tied into a single project. Normally and really by default we invoice these separately. The most obvious reason for this is that using the example of phases we want distinct billing on each phase so we can track revenue and expenses by phase specifically. By design the billing we send our clients is tied in to one specific level. The structure might look something like this:

Hillard Residence

Where the customer is Hillard, and the project is Hillard residence, and we have 4 phases identified within that project;

  1. Schematic Design
  2. Design Development
  3. Construction Documents
  4. Construction Administration

These are distinct phases of the project and often times we want to view and treat these almost as separate project. By the time you get to the construction administration phase, the architect’s job is really to oversee the construction and make sure everything is going according to the plans.

There are times, however when you want to bill everything on one invoice. This is where the joint invoice comes in. To create a joint invoice in BillQuick is not inherent in the menus. It is a function within the billing review screen. You can assign a unique code to the various line items that you want combined in the joint invoice or you can drag and drop them. Here’s what this looks like:

Joint Invoice Selection

You can also click and drag one line item over the other to create the joint invoice. The video on this will show you what this looks like. These little tricks can save us time, so anything like this that you can learn how to do can be very helpful.
Now go practice creating joint invoices in BillQuick!