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BillQuick Online—Your Questions Answered

What is BillQuick Online?

BillQuick Online is a subscription-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for time tracking, billing and project management. Being a cloud-based solution, you can access the application over the Internet without having to install anything on your local computer. In other words, it is a browser-based version of BillQuick® that is hosted by us, providing you with a secure, hassle-free, investment-free solution. bq online

Why Use BillQuick Online?

If you’re on the move—working remotely at a client's office, project site or home office, you can submit time and expense online via devices like PC, laptops, and tablets running iOS or Android. BQE manages the hardware, database, backup and application aspect of it for you. Sign-up, subscriptions and account management are all automated with free updates and upgrades.

Being a hybrid SaaS model, BillQuick Online does not store data solely at the hosted site (aka the ‘Cloud’) but also at the local site. What does that mean to you? If you are using BillQuick desktop on a computer or laptop, whenever Internet connection is available, you can sync that data with the BillQuick Online database using the sync tool. You can always have a copy of your company data in case you cannot access BillQuick Online. This is in addition to the data backups automatically taken by us. The data sync brings the databases of the two applications to the same level. Cool, huh?

Can I Try BillQuick Online?

You can try BillQuick Online for free at It starts at just $14.95/month. You can also check out the start-up details in the Getting Started Guide.

How to Set Up the Sync Between BillQuick and BillQuick Online?

BillQuick Online allows you to sync data automatically as well as manually. Only a subscriber who is set up as an Owner or Administrator will be able to sync data between BillQuick Online and the local BillQuick desktop.

To sync data, you must download and install the latest BillQuick Online Sync Tool. Prior to data sync, you should set the sync options (Send, Get and other settings) to ensure a better control of data being synced for the desired date range. The good thing is that every time you sync data, BillQuick Online creates and maintains a sync log.

bq online sync tool

How Does Data Flow Between BillQuick and BillQuick Online?

The initial sync will depend on your situation. BillQuick desktop users who are new to BillQuick Online can start by specifying the Send Settings and then sending data from their desktop company to a new BillQuick Online company. If you are new to both BillQuick and BillQuick Online, you need to enter data in any one company and then transfer it to the other. The sync takes places once you click the Sync button.

After the first-time synchronization of data between BillQuick and BillQuick Online, it is a good practice to verify the accuracy and completeness of synced data in both applications.

Next, you can set the mode or frequency for future sync on the Sync Tool. You may choose to sync the data between the two databases automatically or manually (on-demand) as per your preference. You can check out the details about the sync settings and sync process in the Sync Tool Guide.

Cloud sales are growing at a phenomenal rate with an amazing 96% satisfaction among users. It is predicted that by 2015, about 24% of all new software purchases by businesses will be of SaaS products. Now the question is: how likely are you to use a cloud-based service or application in your organization? Please share your thoughts with us.

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