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Top Reasons Why QuickBooks Users Need ArchiOffice

Apr 8, 2013 | By Naira Yaqoob | 0 Comments

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Update: In 2017, we released BQE Core, the next-generation platform for business intelligence, time and expenses, billing, accounting, project management, and reporting. Core's capabilites are years ahead compared to what QuickBooks offers.  Take a tour of Core today or sign up for a free 15-day trial.

It is as simple as that--QuickBooks users need ArchiOffice! Why? Here are just the top 10 reasons...

  1. Improved Cash Flow

In most of the companies using QuickBooks, an admin person enters time cards. With ArchiOffice, that task can be passed on to employees so your admin person can focus on billing rather than doing people’s time cards, resulting in improved cash flow.

  1. Project Management

The time tracking feature in QuickBooks is quite limited and lacks the depth required by most professional services companies. ArchiOffice overcomes this limitation by providing state-of-the-art time and expense tracking, billing and project management features for architects (as does EngineerOffice® for engineers).

  1. Security of Your Financial Data

QuickBooks® is an accounting software that contains sensitive data like banking information and financial reports. If you install QuickBooks on every employee’s computer so they can track time, you risk exposing your critical financial information to them. Ideally, you want QuickBooks only on trusted computers and let employees access ArchiOffice® on their computers via any browser.

  1. Performance

QuickBooks is not designed for more than five simultaneous users. Its performance suffers when multiple users try to connect to it and record time. This is not the case with ArchiOffice as it is scalable to fit your firm's needs with separate Basic, Pro and Enterprise editions.

  1. Flexible Role-Based Security

In QuickBooks you have absolutely no control over employees accessing each other’s time cards. Once you give people access to track time, they can see anybody’s time card; so you either give them total access to time tracking or you don’t give them access at all. In ArchiOffice, they will get access to only their timecard.

  1. Endorsement of QuickBooks Users

BQE Software, developer of ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice, has the most downloaded time tracking and billing software on Intuit’s Marketplace website. Thousands and thousands of QuickBooks customers have recognized the benefits of our time tracking and billing software and put us to work in their firms.

  1. Web & Mobile Access

With QuickBooks, you lack mobility. You cannot get web access or use it on any tablet. BQE’s domain of time tracking is much larger and more flexible than QuickBooks, giving you true anywhere, anytime access to your project-critical information. ArchiOffice works beautifully across desktop, iPhone®, iPad® and devices running the Android operating system.

  1. Batch Billing

Instead of preparing one invoice at a time, ArchiOffice allows you to prepare invoices in a batch. Your billing is complete in a matter of minutes rather than several hours or days.

  1. Reports & Invoice Templates

ArchiOffice comes with hundreds of powerful reports and two invoice templates to choose from. You can also create custom reports and invoices to fit your unique business needs.

  1. Additional Features

Finally, when you integrate ArchiOffice and QuickBooks, you gain a lot more than the elimination of duplicate data entry. You get access to additional features not available in QuickBooks such as:

  • Assignment of jobs to employees
  • Approval of time cards
  • Employee expense sheets
  • Project-level bill and cost rates
  • Ability to attach documents and images to records
  • Anytime, anywhere browser-based access
  • Batch billing
  • Multiple timers for multi-tasking
  • Project and employee to-do lists
  • Project management dashboards
  • Job costing
  • Full customization services for reports and invoices