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BillQuick 2013 is Here!

We here at BQE are thrilled to announce the arrival of BillQuick 2013! Mainly because now that it’s complete, we can start leaving the office at 5pm again. But seriously, we know you're going to love the 100+ new features we added to what has been acknowledged as the most-awarded professional services software in 2012!

Here are just a few of the features you can look forward to in BillQuick 2013:

Employee Workload Forecaster: An intuitive color-coded calendar showing each employee’s workload. BillQuick even uses this information to calculate your anticipated revenue, too

Simplified Task Allocation: Create Parent Tasks, assign Dependents to them, and if the Parent Tasks get delayed, the Dependents will automatically be rescheduled accordingly

Custom Cloning: Start a new project from a clone of a previous project and all the important pieces like To-Do Lists, Sub-Projects, Rules, Budgets, etc. will be immediately at your fingertips

Click here to watch video clips and see the full list of all the awesome new features!