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BillQuick Reports Get a Face Lift

BQE Software recently released its BillQuick 2012 Service Pack 1. Maybe you are already aware of the 400 plus power-packed reports in BillQuick, but what you may not know is that all the reports have been enhanced visually and provide better information than ever. So what's so special about these reports?


New BillQuick Reports Click to preview


1. The enhanced reports come with a new and cleaner look that makes them more organized and easier to read.

2. All the master reports display data for top-level projects, with phases rolled under them.  So if you have several phases under a project, you no longer have to skim through them all, but rather see the summarized information under the parent project.

3. All enhanced reports feature a consistent color coding: tangerine for Client ID, magenta for Employee ID, purple for Project ID and grass green for Project Manager. Values highlighted in green are that of paid invoices and in red are of unpaid invoices.

4. All the invoice register reports include an expanded reconciliation summary for quick and easy scanning.

5. Some reports have mouse-overs enabled on the company and project names; the tooltip gives you associated ID, if needed.

6. Project time and expense reports display additional columns that are marked with different symbols, depending upon whether the entry is invoiced, marked as billed, non-billable or marked as extra. If the entry has been invoiced, you can mouse-over the invoice symbol to see the invoice number.

Now enough talking...time to take a peek at some of the new and enhanced reports in BillQuick. Click here to preview.