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Keep Misplacing Your Mental Notes? Meet the Project Journal

The Journal

The Project Journal feature gives you the ability to maintain a chronological list of all the important actions taken during the life of a project. It lets you track what happens over the life of a project—activities, issues, change orders, billing decisions, collection conversations—just about anything you want. With Project Journal, all relevant information is available in one central location and can be referenced as part of a post-project review.

Billing Review

We’ve all tried the ‘record important data on a post-it and shove it in the client’s file’ approach to organization, but it’s nice to know there’s a simpler, better way, which BillQuick provides.

For example, suppose employee MK's work was not up to par. His manager had to redo the job. Not a major problem but you cannot bill MK's time, only the manager's. You decide to ‘mark as billed’ MK's time. In addition, you decide to bill another employee’s hours later. Finally, you decide to apply monies on account for the client to reduce the current bill. All these types of decisions can be documented for later reference.

Or maybe you’re billing a client for an hourly project that was just completed. It went smoothly and the client is happy with the results. Along the way, your staff tapped technology and innovative procedures, thus reducing the number of hours you expected the job to take. You told the client to expect a bill around $6,500 for the project. Ultimately, the computed total bill, using standard rates, ended up being $5,300. You decide to bill the client $6,000, justifying the difference as your company's return on technology investment and staff training. All these actions and decisions can be documented quickly and easily from the Billing Review screen using the Journal, carrying to the invoice and project.

BillQuick Remembers For You

Who doesn’t hate trying to remember when something got billed or why it was done in a certain way? The Project Journal lets you document everything while billing and make other decisions right from the screen itself—Project, Billing Review, Invoice Review and so on. With it, you can explain why you wrote down a bill, why you excluded time and expense entries, why you gave your client a discount on a project or why you wrote up a bill to a higher amount. Post-project head scratching is now eradicated.

Not Limited to Billing Decisions

Project Journal is not limited to billing decisions. You can also capture key elements of client conversations from the Invoice Review and Payment screens about an invoice, collecting past due amounts, and managing client payments. All notes are date-stamped. Moreover, you can use the Project Journal screen to add new and review previous notes, which sure beats pulling post-it notes out of folders.

Bob Wolff
The Author

Bob Wolff

Bob Wolff is Director of Business Partnerships at BQE Software. He began his career in public accounting and went on to start a consulting firm, Fresh Eyes, providing technology, marketing, sales, support, strategic and tactical planning, and executive coaching to various professional services firms until he joined BQE Software in 2004. His greatest joys are his wife, Dayleen, his dogs, Roxie and Wilson, writing science fiction, and helping BQE grow.

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