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Did You Know This About Timers?

Timer ControlHere are a few 'Did you know' factoids about Timers:

Let's Get Small . . . And out of the way

In BillQuick, you can manage all timers from one small window. Imagine it. . .Timer Control lets you start and stop timers, open new timers, log time and more from a little window that sits in the corner of your monitor, out of the way.

Timer Forgetitus 1

All the potential seconds of time saved with that little Timer Control window, the minutes and hours accumulating every day, week, month and year . . . But only if you open the Timer Control window.

Don't worry, we'll do it for you. One of the powerful User Preferences is the option to automatically launch the Timer Control window when you open your first timer.

Timer Forgetitus 2

Oh! That client does it to me every time. Jump right into the issue and doesn't even give me a chance to take a breath.

Yes, you opened a timer and again, that client had you twisting through long roads of issues and you forgot to start the timer. Think this is no big deal? It happens far more often than you could ever imagine. User Preferences comes to the rescue again. One click and BillQuick auto-starts a timer when you launch it.

Timer Forgetitus 3

Oh no, I forgot my timer was running! How much time did I spent in that meeting?

In BillQuick, Timer Forgetitus is a thing of the past. BillQuick automatically pauses your timers when your keyboard, mouse and other interactions stop for a period of time. You control how long to wait before pausing . . . 1 minute, 15 minutes, it's up to you.

But that's only half of the problem. How much time did you spent in that meeting? BillQuick tracks idle time, from the point of "pause" to when you click Start again. That "off-computer" time can be added back to the timer with a click. Or if a client call or a quick meeting turned out not to be so quick, you can add the idle time to a new timer, start it up, add a few notes, and then save it. (Here's a quick demo about this feature.)

Come One, Come All, There's No Limit

Whether in BillQuick or Web Suite, you can open as many timers as you need. Your only limits are Microsoft Windows and available memory.

Shake Hands With A Timer

iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm. . .any smartphone with a web browser that support Javascript can put a timer in your hand. Mobile, which is a part of Web Suite, lets you turn on a timer before you walk into a meeting at a client's office or while contemplating and fine-tuning your closing arguments at the corner Starbucks (they seem to be on every corner, don't they?)

Timers Never Forget

In BillQuick, your timers are saved constantly and automatically to your Windows Registry. If you lose power or must quickly exit without saving your time, BillQuick remembers.

In Web Suite you might run into a 'time out'. Most server configurations discontinue a session between a browser and the software running on the server after it senses no activity for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or maybe 20 minutes. Web Suite is smarter than that. A Web Suite timer continues to run even after the 'time out' occurs. No program. No Java. None of that extra weight loading down your laptop or desktop. When you click Stop, that timer is smart enough to restart the session with Web Suite and update it on the status of the timer.

One thing: Don't ask how we do it. We'd have to send Maxwell Smart to take you out.

More Billable Hours

Multi-tasking much, do we? Feel like you need a dozen clones just to take 1% of your workload?

Multi-tasking staff and managers are the top group of BillQuick and Web Suite users who benefit from timers. BQE customers report increases of 5% to 25% more billable hours per month. One partner in a firm who switched from a paper time sheet keeps five to nine timers open at a time. He regularly captures 15% more billable hours. Annualized at his billing rate, that's over $17,000 in additional revenue to his firm. Whoa!

Have you used a Timer today?

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