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15 Uses of BillQuick Budgets

Aug 8, 2010 | By Bob Wolff | 0 Comments

Topics: Project Management, Product Features & Updates, Budgets, BillQuick

Budgets are often the primary tool that project managers and principals use to manage the scope of work being done for a client.

You may think that a budget is a budget is a budget. It is...but it is also a lot more in BillQuick. Here's all the things you can do with a budget in BillQuick:

  1. Create as many line item for a budget as you wish
  2. Create both service/labor and expense portions of a budget.
  3. Assign a budget to a project.
  4. Use the Total Budget Amount as the Contract Amount or have a different Contract Amount.
  5. Restrict who can charge time and expenses to a project to only those employees and consultants in the budget assigned to a project.
  6. Restrict the activities and expenses that can be charged to a project to only those in the budget assigned to a project.
  7. Define the Allocate Tasks for employees and consultants and the tasks based on a budget.
  8. Define Project Control for employees, consultants, activities and expenses based on a budget.
  9. Show the Total Budget Amount, Spent and Left on the Sheet View screen (global setting).
  10. View/print a Budget Comparison Report.
  11. View/print a Budget Cost Comparison Report.
  12. View/print a Summary Budget Comparison with Percent Complete Report.
  13. View/print a Budget Comparison Summary by Phase Report.
  14. Convert a budget into an estimate and an estimate into a budget.
  15. Create a manual invoice based on a budget (or an estimate).

If you have more ideas how to use budgets in BillQuick, please send them to BQ-Ideas @ (remove the spaces before using this address).

Bob Wolff
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Bob Wolff

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