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iPad - First Impressions

May 9, 2010 | By Bob Wolff | 0 Comments

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You don't need yet another 'first impression' from a pundit.

Well, maybe just a little pundit-ting.

I like technology. But I also have never won the lottery so mortgage, food, insurance, etc. all come first. I am happy with my 6-year-old PC. The last new technology I got was the Droid phone from Verizon. (Yes, I am still happy with it after 6 months.)

No doubt the latest factoid about iPad reaching 1 million units sold faster than the iPhone will wag more tongues. But I expect the pattern to remain much like the past month.

Techies will continue to ebb and flow from drooling lust to nitpicking vilification and back.

The got-to-have-the-latest-toy sales and marketing types will continue to act like they did when the latest leather-like, water-proof bucket seats were announced for their beloved power boats.

And business owners and managers will be impressed but continue to ask the question: What can I use it for? This question, of course, hides lusting hearts behind a practical Return-on-Investment facade.

Is iPad v 1.0 an overgrown iPhone for toy-buyers who don't mind having an umbilical cord that sucks disposable income?

Or, is it a launching pad waiting for fuel?

Give us your feedback. What do you think. Share with us what kind of applications, hardware features, and all the rest that you want, need and expect. Who knows, maybe Steve Jobs will gaze down from his mountain and have a broccoli-induced vision that matches yours.

Leave your comments below.

Bob Wolff
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Bob Wolff

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