Analyze Performance Better with ArchiOffice Reports

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Analyze Performance with ArchiOffice Reports

When you get ArchiOffice 2013, in addition to all kinds of awesome new features, you also get brand new reports that will help you analyze performance better than ever. Run a WIP with A/R Aging report to see what all you can bill. Run a Profitability Accrued report (with or without reimbursable expenses) to see if you’ve been as profitable as you’d like or if there’s a little room for improvement. ArchiOffice reports give you clear metrics about how your business is doing on numerous fronts. You can further fine-tune report content with search criteria (filters) and display settings like Sort, Type and Totals and memorize the reports (along with these settings) for future use. You can even edit the headers and footers to match your firm’s brand and logo.

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ArchiOffice 2013 has added several other new reports like Work-in-Hand, Task (employee tasks), Time Card Bi-Weekly, Accounts Receivable, RFI and many more to go along with the great reports already available in ArchiOffice. Below are five of the newest reports in ArchiOffice 2013. (To request the full ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice Report Book 2013, click here to contact us.)

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