The Project Center—Ridiculously Useful

Ready for 2012? Not the year . . . BillQuick 2012!

One of the major new stars in 2012 is the Project Center. Bringing together project information, the new Project Center lets a project manager or principal focus on key information.

Starting with the project list, you can see the Percent Complete for each project, and you can change the value right here. The red dot is an alert. You can match the type of alert to your management style. You can be alerted if a project is unprofitable, over budget or over contract. Something project managers and principals will like is the option to select the managers whose projects you want to check.

On the right side of the screen, high level information can be scanned quickly. For a summary on Spent, you can choose Contract vs. Spent or Budget vs. Spent. Changing from one to the other is a quick click. Below the spent information you can scan profitability, billability, efficiency and earn value information to gauge progress for the selected project.

Across the top you can view details behind the overview information. Time/Expense lists the labor and expenses charged to the project. Using filters you can drill down to billed, unbilled, approved, unapproved, time only, expenses only and more.

Journal shows all notes for a project. If there is an attachment, you can click the link and drill down into it. You can also add a new note right from the Project Center.

The Files tab contains a list of file attachments for a project. You see all attachments whether it was added to a project, expense or time record. To view a receipt, analysis, video or file, double-click the link and its opens.

A control tool at your fingertips is Assignments. On this tab you can view or change who is assigned to a project. Another control tool is Allocate Hours. You can view the project tasks assigned to each person, how many hours you allocated for the task, and the time frame in which the work should be done.

The Account tab summarizes cost, billable, billed and unbilled information, as well as other key items.

Finally, the History tab lists invoices with payments, purchase orders and vendor bills for a project. Double-click any row to see the associated information.

Bottom Line: The information you need to manage projects, or monitor project managers, is all in one place.


Bob Wolff

Bob Wolff is an accountant-turned-Channel Manager at BQE Software who helps to offer consulting and software solutions for BQE customers. He likes to share his business expertise here on the blog whenever he can.



  1. Project Centric – (Project Management & Time Billing App).

  2. Has there been any developments with reports that are designed for clients to provide summarised information on project cost status and forecast final costs?

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