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Welcome to BillQuick 101: No-Hassle Time & Expense!

Waiting for BillQuick 101: No-Hassle Time & Expense

Wow! Look at that line forming behind you — owners, principals, engineers, architects, accountants and stretching around the corner . . . firm staff!

Oh, gosh. Starbucks and donuts! Look, that guy has sandwiches for the office. Everyone around the conference table for an hour. Ooohhh! Chocolate. Marshmallows. I wish I had thought to bring hot chocolate or even ice tea for everyone. I wonder if Mary thought of it?

The foundation of your firm is Time & Expense information. Without it, running your business can be a shot in the dark. Without it job cost and profitability is a guess. Utilization of managers and staff is little more than a head count and a look at cash flow. And without timely, accurate time & expense information, invoicing decisions involve a contract amount and a guesstimate about how much of it you can bill.

In short . . .

Time & expense information is critical for decisions throughout the project cycle. It means the difference between profit and loss. It supports a strong customer relationship.

That’s why you should attend BillQuick 101: No-Hassle Time & Expense. Learn how what some consider a “chore to avoid” can be shortened to 1 to 3 minutes per day. Learn the shortcuts that make capturing and managing time and expenses into a zippy process.

Managers and principals have real-time information to efficiently and easily monitor projects. Job cost, contract spent, budget burned . . . even project profitability . . . is a click away anytime you want it.

Built-in advanced workflow technology also shortcuts the review and approval of time and expenses. You don’t — and shouldn’t — wait until you’re ready to bill. BillQuick streamlines the process, reducing billing effort and time.

And office managers and admin staff  . . . no more office road trips to beg for time sheets. BillQuick even includes an option to automatically monitor late timekeepers AND remind them to enter their hours.

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BillQuick 101: No-Hassle Time & Expense

Thursday, February 9, 2012

9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time

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