BillQuick for Android is Here!

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Did you hear?

Did you see the press release?

Stupendous! Colossal!

So much in the palm of your hand. Unbelievable!

It’s. . .BillQuick for Android!

What’s the best part? It’s FREE!

Wow! It works with Web Suite AND BillQuick in the Cloud (BillQuick Online). All you have to do is give it the address to your mini-web site or BillQuick Online.

This is a native Android app, not a browser app. It’s smart too. When you don’t have a cell signal, it saves the entry in your phone. Then when it senses a signal again. . .Whoosh! Time and expense entries jet off to your database.

BillQuick also keeps your previous entries on file . . . just a tap away!

And don’t forget about expenses! Just as easy and quick to entry. Tap, tap, tap and you’re done.

BillQuick for Android is an extension of Web Suite 2011 and BillQuick Online 2011. With Web Suite you simply tell the phone the address of your mini-web site and log in. For BillQuick Online, simply log in.

BillQuick for Android can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace.

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