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“We owe our success to you, our Customers. You make BillQuick a success. Keep talking to us, keep sharing your ideas for improving BillQuick. We will continue to listen and deliver new value.”

– Shafat Qazi, Founder & CEO
BQE Software, Inc.

BQE Software is about to begin its annual planning of software enhancements.

We want your ideas.

This is not a once-a-year activity. BQE’s support reps, trainers, sales reps, managers and our CEO himself capture your suggestions throughout the year. Conversations, emails and BillQuick User Forum questions and answers inspire new ideas. All suggestions are tracked closely. They are too important not to.

And your ideas are not viewed by one or two people. BQE’s CEO, Director of Product Innovation, other managers and staff all review and contribute to the shaping and prioritizing of suggestions.

Tell us what new capabilities you want.

Take what you like about BillQuick and how you think it can be better.

Give us your ideas of how easy it should be.

Share an idea how to improve a function or feature.

Tell us how long it takes you to do something and how you think it can be faster.

Whatever the situation, whether you have 1 or 100 ideas, share them with us.

Also, don’t limit yourself to BillQuick and its add-on modules. Tell us how we can improve our technical support, training, consulting services, help information, documentation, and so on.

Help us shape BillQuick’s for your benefit and other professionals using it. Your success is our success.

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Bob Wolff

Bob Wolff is an accountant-turned-Channel Manager at BQE Software who helps to offer consulting and software solutions for BQE customers. He likes to share his business expertise here on the blog whenever he can.



  1.' Amy Hoffman Reply to Amy

    The feature that I would love to have in BillQuick is the ability on the fly as the consultant is entering their time in WebSuite to automatically fill the activity ID once a consultant has chosen the Project ID, based upon the service fee schedule values associated with the project. I spend much time correcting billing rates because a consultant has chosen the wrong activity ID to go with the project ID as they entered the timesheet.

    •' Naira Yaqoob Reply to Naira

      Amy, you could use the Project Control feature wherein you can assign specific activities to a project. That way, users will only see those activity codes in the drop-down lists for that project when entering time and expenses.

  2.' Tamara Sherr Reply to Tamara

    Add date filters to the chart of accounts registers

  3.' Michele Barbar Reply to Michele

    I would highly recommend color coding of the project field. For example when a project is 100% completed, billed and paid it might be red. It is too new to be archived at this point. A project that is 100% completed, billed but not 100% paid would be a different color. etc.

    I would find this extremely helpful but more importunately the partners of the company would be able to quickly identify the status of a project. Please let me know when you have this available!!! Michele -781.826.4144

  4. 1. Fix the problem with pulling payments over from QuickBooks–some payments transfer no problem; others don’t/won’t. No pattern to why some do and some don’t.
    2. Fix the Payments section in Smart Match–how am I supposed to find out which payments are not pulling over if it doesn’t work?
    3. Make it possible to integrate BillQuick with QuickBooks PaymentNetwork-ie accepting electronic payment on invoices from clients.
    4. Simplify customizing reports. Your list of customized report types don’t match the ready-made reports that are already available. IE–I want to set up a customized report for Vendor Bill Status–Summary. In the “All Reports”, I have yet to find where to start for this one since there isn’t a choice of “Payments”.

  5. The biggest issue for us is the lack of a ‘Project Manager’ security role and associated security options. It is not possible (and I think it should be – please correct me if I’m wrong) for a user to view all projects but edit only their own. In a similar way, we need a project manager to approve times submitted by any employees working on the projects they manage, but limit it to this. Currently, the permission for a user to approve another user’s time is too broad and somewhat risky. Any improvement in this area would be most welcome.

    We are new users of BQ and most of our staff uses the Web Suite for daily time sheeting and project management. We have noticed that the WS is less mature than the BQ Windows application and we would love to see some of the ‘missing’ features included in 2011. Specifically:
    * Make it easier for projects to be added to groups through WS by introducing a Groups drop-down similar to BQ
    * Introduce links to navigate quickly between a project and its Budget. BQ lets you click on the Budget from the Billing tab and the user is taken directly to the Budget. Can the same navigation be introduced in the WS please?
    * Change the folder WS points to for reports. Currently I need to place a copy of each custom report I create in a shared location for all BQ users, and another in the WS2010 folder for WS users. I would like WS to get its reports from the same shared folder as BQ uses – or at least have this option available.
    * The reports are displayed in the old sorting folder structure in WS, whereas BQ has the option to view in an improved sorting structure. For consistency I’d like to see the same conventions used in both products.

    Thank you for the great support I’ve seen so far – especially the Australian office.

  6. I would like to have the option of “lookups” for custom fields


    It would be very helpful if the client name appears on Project T & E w/account details.

    Also, would like installing new updated
    BQ 2010 etc easier in all versions.

  8. Hi, I suggest the following:
    1) Limit your reports to more standardized formated with more sorting capabilites. (example: Time and Expenses appear in several different formats. Create one formate which can then be sorted by Client, Project, Employee, Dates, Activity and Expense code
    2) Your reports change names and it is very confusing trying to find them when using the ALL Reports Selection
    3) Your current add on tools for are difficult to use. One of our consultants investigated using them and for us to utilize them we would have had to create our own tools to make them work which is counter-productive and counter-intuitive.
    4) Fixing the Send function to allow bulk sending of Expenses – currently I have to send each individually – followed by a single report of the transferred items instead of proving them by eye balling the two systems.
    5) Allowing submitted items to be changed without having to unsubmit and resubmit for the process to work.
    6) Allowing changes directly to the line item in expenses without wiping out the dollar amount.
    7) When using the change function – making the description change automatically to the new expense code after the change.
    These are just a few suggestions. Thank you for your consideration.
    Terry DeFilippo – 201-984-3022

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